Heat-Resistant Eye And Head Protection

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Heat-Resistant Eye And Head Protection

Eye and head protection is recommended, in particular, for steel and glass production, metallurgy and casting. These products provide protection against hazards related to heat, e.g.: UV radiation and molten metal spatter. Eye and head protection should be used together with other personal protective equipment to ensure that other body parts are protected as well.



PPE category: III


The heat-resistant helmet protects the top

part of the head against

hazards related to heat, in particular against: UV radiation, small molten

metal spatter and falling objects.



  • The helmet absorbs the impact energy through partial damage or destruction of the shell to protect the user.
  • Recommended applications: steel and glass production, metallurgy, casting, coking plants, tyre and rubber plants and refineries.
  • Temperature range: 150C.

skład / materiał

Shell: UP-GF thermoset plastic (glass-fibre-reinforced polyester);

Harness: plastic and soft textile strap.




The mount is made of aluminium profiles with high temperature resistance. The mount is attached to the bottom edge of the helmet using a spring.