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ReS-4 LUNA safety helmet for metal spraying

The ReS-4M and ReS-4M/OH “LUNA” breathing apparatus is designed for respiratory protection and head and eye protection during the application of anti-corrosive coating by metal spraying.


The apparatus (helmet) protects the face and eyes against ultraviolet radiation during metal spraying, and it protects the head and the body against any generated dust and spatter.

By insulating the respiratory system from air that is unsuitable for breathing, the apparatus protects against the vapours generated during metal spraying.

The visor of the helmet has polycarbonate glass with UV-absorbing coating. The glass is protected against hazing by four protective films in four different colours. Using the different-coloured films, the user can adjust visibility of flame or electric arc.

Inside the helmet (above the visor), there is an air flow indicator, which is a warning device. The indicator can be used to test the equipment before use and during work by checking if the minimum required air flow rate has been achieved.

The apron protecting the body is made of Kevlar fabric coated with aluminium.

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