Heat-Resistant Footwear

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Heat-Resistant Footwear

Heat-resistant footwear conforms to EN ISO 20349:2012 and EN ISO 20345:2011. Our footwear is recommended, in particular, for steel and glass production, metallurgy and casting. These products provide protection against hazards related to heat, e.g.: UV radiation and molten metal spatter. Heat-resistant footwear should be selected depending on local workplace hazards, in accordance with its protective performance.

PPO MODEL 037 safety footwear

ANTI-STATIC SAFETY SHOES with a metallic toe cap.

  • Sole resistant to short-term contact with objects at up to 300°C.
  • Uppers made of full-grain leather.
  • Top part of the upper ending with a protective collar.
  • Double-layer PU/rubber sole with good resistance to: oils, gasoline, other organic solvents, abrasive wear and cuts and dilute solutions of acids and bases (30% H2SO4 and 20% NaOH).
  • Excellent slip resistance on steel and ceramic surfaces.
  • Energy absorption in the seat region.
  • Metallic toe cap for protection against impacts up to 200 J.
  • Energy absorption in the seat region.
  • Anti-static.


SIZES: 39–48

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