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Heat-Resistant Footwear

Heat-resistant footwear conforms to EN ISO 20349:2012 and EN ISO 20345:2011. Our footwear is recommended, in particular, for steel and glass production, metallurgy and casting. These products provide protection against hazards related to heat, e.g.: UV radiation and molten metal spatter. Heat-resistant footwear should be selected depending on local workplace hazards, in accordance with its protective performance.

PPO MODEL 445 safety footwear

PPO MODEL 445 safety footwear Safety shoes with midfoot protection, anti-static.

Special innovative solution for quick removal in emergencies.

  • Sole resistant to short-term contact with objects at up to 300°C.
  • Uppers made of full-grain leather with reduced water absorption.
  • Top part of the upper ending with a protective collar.
  • Metallic toe cap for protection against impacts up to 200 J.
  • Midfoot protection against impacts up to 100 J.
  • Metal-free puncture-resistant plate made of K18 to prevent punctures from the ground up to 1100 N.
  • Double-layer PU/rubber sole with good resistance to: oils, gasoline, other organic solvents, abrasive wear and cuts, dilute solutions of acids and bases (30% H2SO4 and 20% NaOH).
  • Excellent slip resistance – SRC.
  • Energy absorption in the seat region.


SIZES: 36-48

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